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Christmas painted miniature art

What is a Miniature Painting?

Miniature Painting

Art comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Literally.  Can you imagine an art style that has “miniature” in its name? 

Saints miniature painting

Tips for Artists – How to Paint Miniature Art

I must congratulate you now that you have decided to dedicate yourself to miniatures art, as it is not an easy skill to master. You’ll certainly need a whole lot of practice, and even more patience for enduring it, not to mention the appropriate materials for your paintings to be as high-quality as possible.  

Houses miniature art painting

How Do I Become a Miniature Art Painter?

Miniature painting, as a type of painting, is an extremely distinctive art, and quite a strict one with its fair amount of limitations and the amount of detail one should put in the pieces. That’s why every so often it is likened to jewels, for its uniqueness and its difficulty to be performed.  

miniature artist flower

What Is The History of Miniature Art Painting?

Miniature painting was first instituted in the 16th century. The first testified time the word miniature was used in English to describe an art form was in the writings of Sir Philip Sidney in 1586 when he compared the life-sized reflections of women playing in the water with the miniature reflections of them in the bubbles formed by the spattering. Yet, antecedents to the miniature genre are occasionally found in the works of unknown artists 250 A.D.; and Lala of Cyzicus in Rome, who focused on little portraits made by drawing on top of ivory, during the 4th century.

Painting of men painting

Miniature Artist Painting

What is the size of a miniature painting?

Miniature painting is a pretty misunderstood form of art, and more often than not it is presumed that the pieces are obliged to be undersized or the models shall be portrayed on a smaller scale to be deemed as “miniature art”. 

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